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Ben Leo Alex Lander
United Kingdom
Current Residence: My House. In the middle of the street (Which is somewhere in the UK)
Favourite genre of music: Rock / Techno / Heavy Metal / Alternative
Operating System: Caffine
MP3 player of choice: Apple iTunes
Skin of choice: Wrong! OMFG IS TEXTUAR!
Favourite cartoon character: Homer Simpson (Original, aren't I?)
Personal Quote: To define is to confine.
~WANRING~ This entry has nothing to do with hamsters. If you want hamsters, go elsewhere. Like a hamster shop. Or Japan. ~WARNING~

Started back at school on Wednesday. Wednesday was a half-day, where we have to go in and basically learn the difference between being a Year 11 and a 6th Former which really ammount to bugger all. Thursday was when the rest of the school came back, so I got to go in on the bus looking all sexy in my pink shirt (Yup, suit, tie, shirt, the whole lot for College. Bastards)

As I'm doing Theater Studies A-Level, I got the Drama Hall as a form room. Best fucking thing ever. Huge room, expensive lights to play with, a sound system to die for, and a kitchen next door. There really is nothing else anyone could want. Except a telly. But we've got one of them in the common room anyway, so I don't care (Speaking of telly, drunkill sucks because the Aussies lost the Ashes).

-Theater Studies
-Classical Civilisation
-English Literature
-Politics (AS Only)

I swear, I've chosen the dossest subjects in the world, bar perhaps English Lit (I've developed a firm hatred of Joseph Conrad because of it, and I've only had 80 minutes of it...). Today was a joke. We went over to the girls school next door, to door joint Theater Studies, and me, Louis and Curry promptly get lost. Wandering in about 10 minutes late, we go and sit at the back, right as the teacher (It took me about three goes to write teacher then... What the fuck!?) was telling the girls that they might have to tie their hair back because their hair would hide their face. Then she looked up at me and said "Maybe the boys will have to as well..." XD! Lovin' it! So I've now got a forced pony tail. Marvellous. I don't even have enough hair for that. Oh well, I'll steal Lottie's hair straiteners this weekend, and see if that works (Doubt it will, but y'never know).

Oddly enough, being back at school has inspired me to actually do some more art. Why is that? I thought over the summer I'd do loads, because I'd have nothing better to do, and when I went back to school, I wouldn't do any, because I wouldn't have time. Ah well. I'll think outside the box. Then use the box to store those on "The List".

Any road up, I've got an English essay to finish (Fuck you Conrad, fuck you to the very depths of the collective rectum), so I'll be off now.


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Aircraftkiller Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2006  Professional Digital Artist
What's your myspace, punk?
Aidoneus Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2006

That's my myspace, bitch.
kresin Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2006
Hey man, i remeber you. Maxwell's silver hammer is a great song, no?
Aidoneus Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2006
Yes, yes it is.
spinkychan Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2006
I try. And I'm guessing I should take that as a compliment. Thank you :)
Aidoneus Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2006
trevorleenc Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2005  Professional Interface Designer

I just randomly found you...and I was visitor 420...gotta love psychadelic coincidences!!!

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heheh, got u! :glomp:
Aidoneus Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2005
I refuse to poke anyone, on the grounds that I don't want to :D
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